What We Do

We write software that just works. And works. And works.
We achieve that by making the difficult simple.

We pack our programs with powerful options but take great care that they remain easy and friendly for users. The result is software which is quick to train on, easy to use and to maintain, consistently delivering top class results. That's why we say it's 'Simply Powerful!'

Radiomation is a complete, streamlined, supported, open and cost-effective suite of software. It's all the software you'll need to set up and run a state-of-the-art, world-class radio station.

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Other stuff...

We are frequently consulted on all matters relating to audio to broadcast standard, satellite distribution and audio network planning. We love to do interfaces to complex equipment and enjoy the challenge of the development, coding and testing of communications protocols. (We're pretty sure that indicates some syndrome or other but we're not concerned really!)

And, of course, we spend vast amounts of time training people.

But if you have a programming requirement that's not on our list, then call us about it. If you get us interested, it could be lots of fun.


Note: We are updating all of our product list to reflect and include the changes that decades of innovation have brought. Some pages are done, others are not while some have yet to be written!
The ones that haven't yet been updated are interesting for their 'quaintness' and references to "tape", whatever that was!
Yep, we changed the world all right; now for the website.