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Commercial Trafficking
Programmatic Traffic™

If commercial revenue drives your station, then the control of commercial airtime must be your number one priority.

Your Traffic system lies at the heart of your daily commercial operation: how well it performs influences your ability to respond to customer and market needs.
Ultimately, how well you sell your airtime determines your profitability.

Radiomation's Traffic system sets new standards in the industry. It brings artificial intelligence techniques to bear on the optimal slotting of spots. It uses that same intelligence to respond to bid requests arriving electronically. It is at the core of streamlined efficiency and station integration.

The end result is the reduction of administration costs, and a quantum improvement in the level and consistency of service you give your customers, with a greater degree of control then you ever thought possible... all achieved while notching down the stress considerably.


  • Powerful Artificial Intelligence algorithms optimise the use of station airtime taking account of inventory availability, demand and sales policy.
  • Equipped with the communications protocols required to respond to and act on automated bidding requests from programmatic trading systems.
  • Totally flexible dayparting and selling packages accommodated based either on units or on time slots.
  • Demographic cost-per-thousand planning and sales versions are also available.
  • Single or Multi-Station Duopolies are standard with the addition of consolidated group reporting modules possible if required.
  • Multi-Currency operation included as standard.
  • Has the intelligence to balance commercial breaks on multiple station simulcasts completely automatically - even with variable length spots.
  • Reports on the state of bookings graphically, giving a clearer picture faster than was ever possible before.
  • Completely integrated with Radiomation's Accounts Receivable system.
  • Closed-Loop system sends schedules to and receives logs back from the studio playout system.
  • Daily monitoring of campaign delivery against plan.
  • Automatic production of transmission certification affidavits based on actual rather than projected performance.
  • Automatic email notification of spot delivery to customers
  • Web integration module available for e-commerce interaction with your customers. Access is given to enable them to see order status, and hear advertising on air. Web based booking can be provided in association with your web development team.
  • Automatic production of Invoices.
  • Automatic posting of invoices to Accounts Receivable System.
  • Automatic reporting of all sales activity to Management Information Systems with breakdown by area, business area, sales person etc.
  • Automatic Scheduling of work for the Commercial Production Department.
  • We give open access to the database for your own use, or we will help with your requirements. Tell us what you need: we'll either do it for you, or we will work with your personnel to enable them to implement the features you specify.
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