Our Story

IBM System 360

Yes, our experience really does go back this far!

Our company has been trading continuously since 1978, first as a partnership and later as a limited company. Inventiveness, reliability, longevity and affordability have been the cornerstones of our business over all those years.

Originally, we started as a partnership delivering production- and automation-related software for manufacturing industry. In 1992, as a result of a consultancy project for a radio station, we found that there was a crying need for up-to-date software in a market then dominated by DOS legacy programs. We designed and developed our suite of software for use in radio - largely while working alongside radio practitioners. We learned the real needs of of radio stations, and produced the software to address these needs.

Thanks to our customers' enthusiasm, our reputation grew and we quickly became the dominant supplier of software systems to the Radio Industry in Ireland with more installed systems than all of our competitors combined. Our software runs 24 hours a day, every day in every independent radio station in Ireland and in our national broadcaster, RTE. Locally, we have in place a support capability which gives our customers 24-hour helpdesk access and an average response time of under two hours to get to any station in the country.

Our news products are ubiquitous, and have been taught at two universities in the U.K., and in two third-level colleges and one university in Ireland.

The UK is our nearest international market. We undertook a substantial installation for BBC North which gave depth to our experience working with large organisations. We have sites spread across the globe - from the USA to Australia from Africa to India.

The name of our automation product - 'Robojock' - has become almost the generic name for radio automation systems in these islands; a remarkable feat for a small but world-class company.