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Music Rotation

Selecting, Formatting and Scheduling Music

The music you play is part of what makes your station special.

The selection of the music you play is central to the way your station sounds on air. You know best what sounds right for your format: your research will confirm your choices.

While there is no substitute for the experienced ear and informed judgement of the Music Programmer, the rotation and scheduling of your music can be assisted and enhanced by using computers. The Radiomation Music Rotation system makes the whole process simpler allowing you to put your efforts into thinking about music - not learning an arcane computer system!

With single and multi-station versions available, the Radiomation Music Rotation module provides all of the music management functions you need, but without the costs and complexity associated with older systems.


  • Fast, Simple Operation in a Windows™ Environment.
  • Intuitive operating model reduces learning time.
  • Full dayparting, classification and music policy implementation is simply accomplished.
  • Unlimited numbers of 'Hot Clocks', easily produced and edited, with temporary changes easily made 'on-the-fly'.
  • Colour-coding makes the intuitive 'feel' of the hour's music visible.
  • Long term records stretching over months and years show you what was done at other times in the past.
  • Produces royalty reports and music play analysis automatically on request.
  • Output to Live Assist and Automation systems.
  • Closed-loop feedback to reconcile actual plays against schedules, and report on deviations.
  • One-time software license 'buy out' arrangement - you don't keep paying 'for ever'.
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