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Live Assist

Live, Semi-Live and
Fully Automated
On-Air Playout

Note: This page will be updated in line with a new release to bring it up to the 21st century! Meantime, enjoy the quaintness!

Your listeners make judgements on what they hear.

The Live Assist system your presenters use can make them sound either confident and comfortable, or nervous and ill-at-ease.

The Radiomation systems are perhaps the most versatile, friendly and smooth system available. Simple and fast to learn, yet packed with all of the features demanded by broadcasters around the world. There are three types of user interfaces available - cart analogy, scrolling list and button-push. All are uniquely well-designed, with hundreds of thousands of solidly-reliable broadcast hours logged in stations of all sizes - from small markets to national broadcasters.


  • Three styles of Live Assist interface are available as standard, all with access to all of the audio storage servers on station, similar to the 'cart walls' or 'tape pools' of the past.
  • List-Based - Scrolling playlist of music, ads and other program inserts
  • Cart Analogy - Six 'Virtual Cart Machines' on screen with music server control
  • Hot Buttons Pages of 'buttons' which deliver audio when pressed.
  • From three to eight stereo channels of digital quality audio output as standard, analogue or digital as required to your specification.
  • Largely keyboardless in operation, through the use of a Windows™ Graphical User Interface.
  • The inclusion of 40 channels of control I/O (GPIB) allows total integration with your existing mixing desks' fader starts and remote controls obviating the need for specialist hardware.
  • Complete 'walk away' automation module for overnight reliability. A backup studio can be assigned to supervise the Live studio and take over if necessary for complete robustness. Plays music, jingles, liners, commercials, and switches in news or satellite feeds as required to a schedule without intervention.
  • Controls either hard disk music server, or CD Jukeboxes.
  • Simple and intuitive Voicetracking system makes live-sounding automation a reality.
  • Complete and automatic networked integration with the Traffic and Accounts commercial systems on the advertising side, and the Music Rotation system on the programming side.
  • Closed-loop feedback to reconcile actual advertising delivery against schedules, automatically triggering reports to Traffic on deviation from schedule and consequent re-scheduling or 'make-goods'.
  • Complete networked integration with the news systems and wire feeds to bring news and information into the studio.
  • Complete networked integration with producers and telephone call screeners allowing text, scripts, comments and feedback to be passed to the presenter live on screen in the studio from any designated terminal on the network - even the boss!
  • One-Screen operation reduces the potential for operator confusion and also cuts down on monitor intrusion into the control room.
  • Well-tested and reliable operation proved daily 24/7 since 1992.
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