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AOIP Facility Management

BladeRunner ... because not all of your real-world Wheatnet IP facility is going to be purely Wheatstone!

There is an increasing number of third-party manufacturers of Wheatnet-equipped devices. Tieline™, for example, has a Merlin TLR5200 and the amazing Genie Distribution with WheatNet-IP  - models which can contribute three Wheatnet IP stereo channels simultaneously via ISDN, IP or POTS. But all of these channels still have to be routed to the correct studio inputs and the clean feed channel be returned to the correct part of the correct codec - the new magic still needs solid old-school engineering. Additionally, the demands made by each studio's programme requirement may change throughout the daily and weekly broadcast schedule.

Other non-Wheatnet-IP legacy codecs will need even more controlling, having individual dialling and/or RS-232 / IP/ GPIO requirements. They may also need mono analogue circuits routed to stereo Wheatnet-IP audio ports, as well as matching clean feeds to be returned to their inputs. These are typical requirements in the real world, but, by definition, it’s outside of the control that the Wheatnet can bring.

BladeRunner was conceived and built to assimilate non-Wheatstone-IP equipment into the Wheatnet and to make Wheatnet-IP natives shine. If you were a Trekkie and thought of BladeRunner as ‘Locutus of Wheat’, you’d be on the right track!



  • brings Intelligent Control to the 'Intelligent Network' - a resource-managing Wheatnet control system for (currently) up to 10 blades and associated communitations equipment.
  • enjoys complete integration with the discovery and control elements of Wheatnet-IP via Wheatstone's proprietary ACI
  • interoperates co-operatively with all of the Wheatnet control software - Navigator, SLIOs, etc., instantly reflecting any actions taken by others on the network.
  • builds and then maintains a catalogue of Sources and Destinations - and their relationship with station operations.
  • keeps a record of ancilliary equipment - its location, IP Address, even its plant register ID - all of the information required to manage the networked audio studio facility of the future.
  • keeps all of the required connection data - ISDN numbers, IP addresses, codec parameters etc. which need to be used to make specified connections
  • communicates with and controls ancilliary third-party equipment
  • sends Text and Email alerts to warn of any malfunction detected
  • presents a simplified presenter / producer interface in studio to allow the most complex switching operations to be executed without any effort or technical knowledge on the part of the user
  • rotates multiple studio operational profiles into and out of use according to the broadast schedule's requirements e.g. news, traffic and weather on weekdays, sport at weekends.
  • provides the station engineering staff with the tools and support software necessary to manage, control and supervise the functioning of the system from their desktops using any Windows version from XPSP3 to 10.
This is an area currently under active development: if there's anything you would like to see added, any problems to solve or an equipment to be assimilated, please use the contact form to let us know about it. Back to Products