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Sales Management Information Systems

The principal and most telling difference between radio stations is the way they are managed.

The cornerstone of good management decision-making is having access to accurate and timely information.

Radiomation's philosophy is to empower decision-makers by making all of the information they require available on their desktops in real-time, without the need to involve secretarial or accounting staff to produce that information.

The SMIS module combines reports from Sales, Traffic and Accounts to provide management with the information they need to set advertising rates, monitor and manage yield, set sales targets and monitor performance. Because of the completely integrated nature of the Radiomation Suite, the most powerful reports are always up-to-date and ready to guide you decisions.


  • A fully integrated system allows managers to access the information they need, the way they want it, when they want it from their own desktop.
  • Graphical and verbose reports cover as standard:
  • - Overall sales performance
  • - Detailed breakdown of sales by salesperson / by period against budgetary targets
  • - Revenue projections based on contracts written
  • - Comparison of salesperson performance against sales targets
  • - Station inventory availability and yield
  • Data mining tools extract information from invoiced sales to give custom ranking and analysis broken down by user-selected criteria... e.g. Salesperson, Type of Business, Area, Timeframe, etc. and inter-related combinations of all selected items.
  • Real-time Analysis of Projected Sales Revenue gives detailed breakdowns of billings by type of sale over a user-selected timeframe, either to screen or to printer.
  • Salesperson performance history, monitoring actual sales against individual monthly targets and allowing all future billings to be detailed.
  • We will build the facilities, analysis reports you require into your system. Please contact us to discuss your requirements: we've probably done it already - if not, we'll be pleased to match the system's output to your style of management.
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