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Logging and Archiving

Recording and storage of Transmissions

Once transmitted, your station's output is in the public arena where frequently errors, misunderstandings, misinterpretation and occasionally legal issues are apt to arise. The Monitor+ Logger is a product which often resolves such situations before they can become more serious.

The Monitor system is a computerised Record of Transmission holding a minimum of a rolling 90 days of 24 hours each day in broadcast quality clarity. The '+' refers to clients: the standard system includes the use of unlimited clients so that management, news, commercial traffic and programming all have access to whatever they may need to hear. Any part of any day can be accessed accurately within about three seconds. Storage can be increased to hold 12 months' broadcasting in quality.

In addition to providing a record of transmission, the recordings may be used by the playout system to re-broadcast programmes from previously heard material, providing a useful service to night-time listeners at little to no additional cost.


  • Recordings are 'tamper-evident', using our proprietary coding system and are therefore acceptable to many Radio Licensing Authorities as legitimately accurate records.
  • Through the use of a high quality audio card and extremely low compression rates, the recordings are of broadcast quality throughout their lifetime.
  • Because of the high quality audio, rebroadcast of programmes and preparation of reviews and repeats of programmes is made quick, easy and low cost.
  • Webcasts or podcasts can be easily prepared from the stored audio.
  • Careful system design makes simple the task of burning permanent records to CD allowing any station to retain archives of 24 hours of its output on just 2 CDs per day.
  • The lack of tape media makes for higher reliability, quality and availability than was possible heretofore.
  • The inclusion of unlimited client licences makes the system truly ubiquitous. Snoop tape production, programme review and critique, newsroom access to interviews etc. become fast, simple and cost-effective.
  • The ease of use of the client interface means that training in content retrieval is usually unnecessary.
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