Sending DC Over IP

In a station where all of your audio is over IP , your communications links and distribution and even your remote monitoring have all gone digital, wouldn't it be nice to tidy up those last remaining DC items? Take all the 'MIC LIVE' tallies, phone ringer repeater lights, door bell repeater lights, fire alarms etc. and centralise them - and while you're on that mission, finally ensure that every clock in every studio displays accurate time on an elegant and efficient clockface?

We were approached by a customer who wanted to bring 'Mic Live' indication up to date. For that station we came up with a solution which grew and grew until it was finally complete. It looks after everything and puts the information that is needed into every studio that needs it. Displayed on monitors which have Compute Sticks attached, the solution is as ingenious as it is cost-effective. The Krone patching used for DC extends to only 2 blocks but the effect is as if it had been wired to every room as well as Reception.


DC over IP...

  • Uses a central server to take the signals traditionally conveyed by DC and translate them into IP broadcast such that every computer which should know about them has full access to the intelligence they convey
  • Integrates natively into Wheatstone's Wheatnet-IP LIO and SLIO using their proprietary ACI
  • Routes Mic Open signals to the displays associated with the room in which the microphone is open
  • Combines the required display with an accurate clock synchronised to an atomic or GPS source
  • Uses industry standard GPIO cards to interface to legacy equipment
  • In Studios, reflects the status of ringing phone lines regardless of whether these are presented by SIP servers IP or POTS
  • In lobbies, as well as confirming the name of the show on air, shows time and urges QUIET! in lobbies outside of live studios
  • In reception, shows a directory of what show is in what studio, as well as reflecting the status of the microphones open in that room in real time
  • All displays are graphical and the graphics in use can be rotated through the studios matching with the on air talent names and programme imaging relevant to the show
  • Controls equipment to enable timed access to restricted areas, door maglocks, etc.
  • Provides the station reception staff with the tools and support software necessary to operate the entire system from their desktops using any Windows version from XPSP3 to 10.
  • and... it tells the time reliably and precisely.
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