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Customer Relations

Good customer relations along with careful planning increases the chance of success in any sphere.

Successful sales planning can be achieved only if sales plans are based on reality: what is really available for sale and what we can realistically expect to charge for that inventory.

The Radiomation Customer Relations Management Module incorporates Sales Planning and Deal Management modules.

Having been developed in association with London-based consultants, it marries current best practice in inventory yield optimisation techniques with state-of-the-art Traffic, delivery, accounting and reporting systems.

It brings a new intelligence to the way radio is sold.


  • The system establishes and maintains a company-wide database of customer contacts, with input possible from any computer on the network or by salespeople working remotely on tablets.
  • Sales Manager reports and facilities ensure all contacts are followed up, and requests acted upon in a timely fashion.
  • The database of deals improves communication and co-ordination between sales staff.
  • All projected plans are based on the actual availability as reported in real time by the station's Traffic system, data that is live at the time each plan is drawn up. Historical data is referenced to help anticipate eventual demand. Pricing decisions can be made with reference to both of these factors, as well as selling policies and audience demographics.
  • As some deal options are exercised, other unclosed deals may be compromised: executives with compromised deals are automatically notified by email so that any such plans may be revised or abandoned.
  • Integration with Traffic also allows agreed deals, once passed by Sales Management, to be transferred on to Traffic without the need for re-keying.
  • Once in flight, campaigns can be monitored to ensure conformity with the original plan's targets and guarantees, be they impacts, cpt or whatever applies.
  • Post campaign analysis and certification can be performed on the basis of the actual times delivered, rather than the schedules.
  • All demographic reach and frequency modelling can be carried out to the RAB 'Gold Standard' model, or the station's preferred model.
  • A complete contact and call database is maintained to ensure correct and timely customer service.
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