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VoIP to AoIP

Connecting phone lines direct to Wheatnet ecosystem just became possible!

SwitchBlade is an appliance that connects VoIP direct to WNIP without hybrids or any other interfaces.

A huge "Thank You" to all who visited the SwitchBlade exhibit at the Wheatstone booth at NAB 2018. SwitchBlade had a wonderful reception. It seems that all around the world, there is a common need to make SIP phones work in a Wheaty way and SwitchBlade addresses that need perfectly.

Current Status

On Monday 16th April, we begin stress testing to see how the system performs in a live operating environment. Please check back in a week or so for an update report on this page... and sorry for the delay in getting the page up: Wheatstone's hospitality at Las Vegas is both legendary and distracting!


  • SwitchBlade is a 1 RU appliance which offers 2 network connections. One goes to your corporate LAN where it joins your existing SIP IP Phone system if you have one, or else links through the LAN out to your cloud-delivered service provider. The other connection goes direct to your facility's Wheatstone Wheatnet audio network.
  • The power of the 'Intelligent Network' then makes magic happen. Up to 24 incoming lines show up in Navigator - and on every Wheatstone surface and monitor selector in the facility. The built-in bus minus of every Wheatstone console channel returns a clean feed to the caller - without any need for hybrids.
  • Phone lines can follow the shows they serve, simply and automatically using identifying tokens such as RFID cards or log-ins or whatever is usual at your installation.
  • Call screeners can screen and forward calls to studios and talent can transfer or forward callers to any destination for prize-winner processing.
  • Pre- and post-show caller comments can be greeted by the integrated auto-attendant and recorded in quality for use in making programs.
  • Calling number (CLID) recognition allows sorting of incoming VIPs from callers trolling shows and enables the appropriate processing of each type automatically.
  • Stringers can use the store-and-forward system to store files of their contributions into the inbox of the news teams or the shows they work with at any time from any location.
  • The system is scaleable: it can be 'right-sized' to suit the particular requirements of each station.
  • A huge bonus is that high quality point-to-point contribution links can be established using the Opus Codec built into each module. Each of SwitchBlade's 24 modules can link up to any remote SIP-compliant Opus Codec - or even another SwitchBlade - to enable broadcast-quality program contributions to be delivered direct to any channel on the Wheatnet network.
  • To complete the integration, SLIO indication of each line is available throughout the WNIP system. Answer / hangup can be effected by direct SLIO control. There are also status reports and control commands in the same format as Wheatstone's own ACI so integrators and users of ScreenBuilder will feel right at home with   SwitchBlade.
  • And we're only getting started!

Note: SwitchBlade is a Radiomation product powered by Wheatstone. While it has the most valued support of Wheatstone Inc. and was introduced as an exhibit on the Wheatstone booth at NAB 2018, it remains entirely a project of Radiomation Ltd. Your regular Wheatstone dealer will know how to find us.

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