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Debtors Ledger

The most important commercial activity after selling is to collect money.

Within the Radiomation system, almost all of the Accounts Receivable functions are automated.

The accounting system is a powerful multi-currency, multi-station open item system with all transactions archived indefinitely for the most efficient access possible.

All accounting information is available in real-time. Analysis by Customer, Sales Person, Region, Nominal Code, Currency, Period, etc. are all just a mouse-click away.

By reducing the workload, accounts staff are freed to concentrate on servicing customers - and reducing the amounts of your debts outstanding.


  • Multi-currency, multi-station operation as standard - ideal for multiples, duopolies and transnationals.
  • Full open item accounting system with double-entry check on data integrity.
  • Total account history always available at the touch of a button.
  • Because of its total integration with Radiomation's Traffic system, the bulk of the input work is automated, with just cash postings and a small number of manual entries being necessary each month.
  • Production of Invoices, Statements, Debtors Lists, etc. is automated.
  • Secure data storage and checking techniques gives total confidence in the verifiable accuracy of the accounting data.
  • Independent Audit Trail system allows complete verification of accounts system history.
  • Detailed analysis of all transactions input is leveraged to provide management with an accurate and detailed view of the nature of the sales base, and provide the springboard for later 'Data Mining'.
  • Full range of reports is included - most of which are available at any time with just a simple mouse-click.
  • Custom reports designed to your own requirements - or you can generate your own.
  • Full 'paper trail' produced at month-end meets all legal requirements.
  • Exports to your general ledger system with full nominal code breakdown as required.
  • Fast, Simple Operation in a Windows (TM) Environment.
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